Nirupa Rao - Botanical Illustrator

Nirupa Rao is a botanical illustrator based in Bangalore, India. Her work is inspired by regular field visits into the wild, and informed by close collaboration with natural scientists to achieve accuracy.

A National Geographic Young Explorer, Nirupa received a grant to create the book HIDDEN KINGDOM - Fantastical Plants of the Western Ghats  (published in 2019). 

The team behind the book comprises of four complementary skill sets. Siddarth Machado, a botanical researcher, who with great care selected the species featured in this book. Prasenjeet Yadav, a science and conservation photographer, who artfully documented most of the species for the website and Suniti Rao, the brand director who co-wrote the book with Nirupa. 

Nirupa was recently featured on the BBC series Nature and Us: A History though Art. If you are looking for beautifully illustrated book, or a book for someone interested in botany, Nirupa's book is a delight.  


Indian childrens book A book on the fantastical plants of the Western Ghats—with hand-drawn illustrations set to rhyme—intended for children and adults alike.